Endesa unifies management of IT systems in Spain and Latin America


Madrid, Spain — (METERING.COM) — February 2, 2009 – Endesa has entered into a €360 million services agreement with IBM to manage the utility’s IT systems in Spain and Latin America for the next seven years.

The contract, signed in December 2008, marks a significant expansion on a previous outsourcing agreement under which IBM has been managing Endesa’s IT infrastructure in Spain since 2003.

Under the agreement, Endesa is seeking to leverage its global scale and footprint, rolling out a common management information system across its operating markets in ten countries, raising efficiency and cutting costs. The company is also seeking to raise service levels, specifically measures of safety and supply continuity. In addition with a more energy efficient IT platform, the company should cut power consumption in Latin America by around half, preventing the emission of 1,290 tonnes of carbon each year.

The project will start with the creation of a common IT model for Endesa’s operations in Latin America and Spain. The initiative will optimize management of the IT infrastructure by extending and upgrading the current model for infrastructure consolidation and virtualization, through extensive use of information management tools and by unifying existing processes and operations across all businesses and geographies.

Services that IBM will provide to Endesa include management of the IT platform, the micro IT devices, and the control systems inherent to operating the distribution network and the power generation and trading businesses. In addition back-up will be provided to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of an incident or disaster.

Synapsis, Endesa’s IT subsidiary in Latin America, and IBM have also  forged a strategic alliance to jointly tackle mutually beneficial projects.

This model will provide users with transparent in-country access from workplaces to both local services and global resources concentrated in dedicated centers, on occasion thousands of kilometers away, under the framework of a global services agreement.