Enel and smart partner to develop electric vehicle mobility in Italy


Rome, Italy — (METERING.COM) — December 8, 2008 – With e-mobility Italy, smart, the youngest brand of the Daimler Group, and Enel, Italy’s largest electricity company, have launched one of the world’s largest electric mobility projects.

The initiative is aimed to foster the spread and efficient use of electric vehicles boasting cutting-edge recharging technology, thanks to the development of infrastructure specifically tailored for customers, providing intelligent, safe services. The electric vehicles will enter service in 2010.

As part of the project, Daimler will supply and maintain more than 100 electric vehicles for customers in Rome, Pisa – headquarters of Enel’s Research Centre – and Milan. Enel will be responsible for the development, implementation and operation of the infrastructure, with more than 400 dedicated recharging points, as well as the central control system. These three cities were selected because they represent the diverse lifestyles and living arrangements that characterize Italy today.

The electricity used to supply the electric cars will be certified by Renewable Energy Certificate System (RECS), an international system involving 25 European countries that was established to finance the development of renewable energy resources, such as water, the sun, wind and geothermal resources.

A joint team of Enel and Daimler engineers and technicians are working on developing the project, with testing scheduled to begin in 2010.

In designing and implementing the recharging infrastructure, which will be able to communicate with the vehicles, Enel can count on its technological expertise in AMI. The recharging system will adopt the technology employed in the 32 million remotely operated digital meters that the company has installed in Italian homes since 2001.
In order to go beyond the experimental phase of electric mobility it is necessary to create an advanced recharging and service system to meet drivers’ needs, making the development of this sector in Italy possible and realistic. The infrastructure will enable drivers in the e-mobility Italy initiative to locate available recharging points, similar to the current system for Enel employees, who each morning receive the information they need to provide assistance and maintenance services for the entire Italian distribution network directly in their company vehicles.

Earlier Daimler entered into a similar agreement with RWE AG in Germany. Daimler is providing more than 100 electric cars from Mercedes-Benz and smart as well as the vehicle service. RWE is handling the development, installation and operation of the charging infrastructure accounting for some 500 charging points, the supply of electricity and central control of the system. The payment system takes the form of the exchange of data between a special in-car communication system and the intelligent charging point.