Enel istalls battery storage system on Mediterranean island


The island of Ventotene in the Mediterranean has had a battery storage system installed by energy utility Enel.

Integrating all components directly into the island network, and supported by intelligent control, the system provides more economical and efficient operations across the entire energy system.

ventotene_mapInstalled by Siemens as part of a turnkey offering, the Siestorage system “uses integrated converters to stabilise the frequency and voltage of the island’s network. The delivery package also includes the transformers and low-voltage switchgear. The lithium-ion battery-based storage system has an output of 500kW and a storage capacity of 600kWh.”

Less reliance on diesel generation

Located 100kms south of Rome, Ventotene is not connected to the Italian national power supply grid, and until recently, was supplied power by four diesel generators and residential PV. The network management system will enable more efficiency operation of storage, generation and consumption on a dynamic basis depending on demand. in particular, the diesel generation can be used more efficiently as stored power from the PV system can be used to cover short peak loads.

According to a press release “during off-peak periods, it is even possible to switch off the diesel generators completely. This saves fuel, extends the service life, minimizes maintenance, and reduces the stock of fuel reserves. The result is lower CO2 emissions and significantly reduced consumption of diesel fuel, which has to be specially transported to the island from the mainland.”

Battery storage improves power quality

In addition to the mentioned environmental and cost benefits, the battery storage system will increase management and balancing of frequency and voltage fluctuations “means of the converter integrated in the storage system, and thus stabilize the island network.”

The system will allow the application of future technologies such as charging stations. The storage system also helps with maintenance of the generators, because they can be disconnected from the network during maintenance periods while the new system temporarily takes over the supply.


Picture credit: Lattanzi Paolo, http://bit.ly/2dlyZYh