Enel Energia introduces new range of fixed price plans


Rome, Italy — (METERING.COM) — October 7, 2008 – Italian utility Enel Energia has introduced a new range of e-light plans guaranteeing prices for electricity and gas for up to two years.

Under the e-light plan, which fixes electricity prices for two years, prices have not changed following the recent increase in regulated rates, remaining at their launch level of €0.093 cents per kWh for the energy component.

Under the e-light bioraria plan, the cost of the energy component per kWh is €0.077 cents during the low-cost “blue time band”, which runs from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. from Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and national holidays. During the rest of the day – the orange time band – the price is €0.126 cents. This plan is advantageous for customers who consume at least two-thirds of their electricity during the blue time band.

A two-year guaranteed price for the energy component for gas service is also available with the e-light gas plan, at €0.399 per cubic meter.

Customers will also receive simplified billing, with six “flat rate” bills every two months with the constant electricity and gas components, calculated on the basis of the level of bimonthly consumption selected by customers themselves, and one annual adjustment payment for actual consumption.

According to Enel Energia, when it first offered its fixed rate plan on the free market after July 1, 2007, it gained more than 1.3 million households as customers, of which more than 20 percent also signed up for gas service. Families that immediately signed up for one of the guaranteed price offers save more than €70 in a year compared with current prices in the enhanced protection market, where rates have been increased five times in the last 15 months. The first 450,000 customers that signed up for Energia Pura Casa in July 2007 are saving up to 27 percent compared with the enhanced safeguard price.

Customers who sign up for an e-light plan are also able to make an additional voluntary contribution towards protecting the environment. For €2 a month they can receive electricity with RECS certification, which will finance the development of renewable resources.