Energa-Operator completes first stage of smart meter rollout


Poland’s Energa-Operator has completed the first stage of its smart meter rollout with meters replaced at 106,000 households, 1,558 substations upgraded and 1,558 telecommunication connections installed.

At the same time new data transmission technologies (PLC LV and 3GPP/CDMA) have been established, and an IT system has been built up from scratch to handle and manage the data collected by the meters.

The implementation covers Drawsko Pomorskie, Władysławowo, and Kalisz.

The meters and data concentrators were manufactured by ADD GRUP and delivered to Energa-Operator by Arcus and T-Matic consortium. Energy measurement is possible on 15-minute intervals and a 99% efficiency rate has been recorded for the transfer of meter billing data – exceeding the anticipated 95% efficiency.

“We believe that the first stage of implementation of smart metering is successful,” commented Rafał Czyzewski, CEO of Energa-Operator. “We adopted the optimal model in which our company is an integrator of the entire solution. We divided the system into three independent layers – the central system, telecommunications and meters. This guarantees us flexibility and independence from vendors or specific technologies.”

Energa-Operator and its customers are already benefitting from the new system. New tools that have been launched for customers include a web portal and mobile app to enable them to check daily electricity consumption. The system also allows for settlement of accounts on any day of the month chosen by the customer – a functionality currently available in Kalisz and to be gradually rolled out in the other areas where the system is being implemented.

Energa-Operator SA is one of the largest distributors of electricity in Poland, with approximately 2.8 million customers.