ABB helps Italian utility manage energy consumption

Under the partnership, the two companies deployed a pilot in which ABB’s energy management solution, Ability Electrical Distribution Control System, was integrated with part of the utility’s distribution network.

Commenting on the results of the pilot, Riccardo Tosi, operations director at CBV, said the technology “… enabled us to connect our existing hardware to the cloud to allow us to manage our plant more effectively.

“The availability of this data made us eligible for energy efficiency certificates worth €24,000, without the time and expense of independent external auditing. We will deploy this solution across dozens more water distribution facilities and estimate we can reduce operational costs by around 30%.”

According to the solutions provider, the technology uses the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to collect, process and store the energy consumption data of grid assets including water pumps.

When fully integrated with CBV’s entire water pumping system, the technology is expected to reduce maintenance time by 40%.

In addition, ABB integrated its energy management system with CBV’s hydroelectric power generator to help the energy provider to accurately measure energy provided to utility firms and maintain power quality.

With the technology, CBV will receive notifications when faults occur within its energy supply network.

The project falls under efforts by CBV to digitise its water and electrical systems.

Energy consumption management

Meanwhile, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Italy’s BPER Banca Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to improve energy efficiency in Italy.

In a combined statement, the two banks said they will provide EUR50 million ($53.3 million) for the implementation of energy efficiency programmes by business consumers.

The EIB and the BPER Banca will provide loans for the installation of energy efficient lighting infrastructure, building energy management technologies and district heating, cooling plants and power cogeneration plants. Read more…


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