Energy data visualization extended to device level by GÖRLITZ


Koblenz, Germany — (METERING.COM)

The energy data visualization facility IDSpecto.enVIEW has been extended to device level by GÖRLITZ AG – enabling end-consumers to view the total household energy use as well as the current power consumption of individual devices.

IDSpecto.enVIEW, a part of the SmartMDM system IDSpecto, visualizes energy data at the end-customer such as multi-utility consumption or electricity feed-in from PV systems. With the new functionality, which is believed to be unique on the market, actual consumption values are permanently collected, classified to devices and visualized on a mobile device via the IDSpecto.enVIEW app in real time. Further for ease of visualization, the different devices are distinguished by different colors.

Exploiting the full potential of IDSpecto.enVIEW will be possible when combining the app with relevant tariffs. Consumption is not only demonstrated but can also be influenced. An example would be tariffs with power limitation. In this case, IDSpecto.enVIEW supports the end customer to not exceed the contractual limits, with an at a glance decision possible on whether for example two appliances can be run together or if sequential operation is required. In the context of a power limitation, triggering a breaker could be realized when exceeding the limit.