GRDF develops new tool for gas distribution management


GRDF designs, builds, operates and maintains an energy distribution network used to deliver gas to more than 11 million consumers in some 9,500 French municipalities.

The new application set for deployment was developed by GRDF using a software development platform owned by Appian.

According to a statement, the new application will be deployed to more than 2,500 users to help GRDF to better manage its distribution network during expansion of the gas network.

The software is the fifth application developed by GRDF in partnership with Appian and will replace four existing applications used by the network operator to serve up to 80,000 cases regarding the management and maintenance of gas distribution infrastructure per annum.

Energy distribution network management

GRDF says the development of the technology falls under the company’s efforts to digitalise its operations, improve the efficiency of its energy distribution network and help gas utilities using its system to improve their services.

For instance, GRDF claims previously deployed Appian applications have helped the gas distributor to improve management of energy losses and optimisation of gas meter connections within its network. [Bangladesh receives Japanese funding to deploy prepaid gas meters].

Jean-Marc Wojtecki, Deputy CIO at GRDF, commented: “We solidly believe in the power of low-code for building new applications quickly. Appian allows us to innovate more efficiently as a business, which in turn leads to improvements to the way we work. Low-code has helped us streamline our operations internally to markedly improve customer service.

“The technology enables us to shorten software development cycles and accelerate our digital transformation efforts. With this latest app, we are planning to manage and to consolidate four applications into one, resulting in lower cost and improving our employee productivity.”

Paul Maguire, Vice President of Europe at Appian, added: “The energy sector carries significant technical debt in terms of legacy systems and architectures. GRDF is showing the industry a better path forward, and Appian is proud to be part of that.”


Image Credit: 123rf.