Energy efficiency and going “˜green’ not a priority for Britons in 2009


Swindon, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — January 12, 2009 – Despite the credit crunch being in full swing and consumers looking to save money in the home, energy efficiency does not appear to be a priority for Britons, research by npower suggests.

In a survey of 1,738 adults conducted during the last few days of 2008, only 3 percent were considering “green” New Year’s resolutions, and only half of the respondents had plans to make their homes more energy efficient in 2009.

According to the research Britons think that introducing energy saving measures is too expensive and difficult to implement. Other findings were that only 15 percent of respondents were planning to switch to energy efficient light bulbs or switch off electrical appliances when not in use, only 8 percent were planning on installing double glazing to reduce heat loss, and only 6 percent were planning to insulate their hot water tank. In addition only 6 percent were planning to switch to “green” electricity generated from renewable sources.

Of the 50 percent of respondents looking to become more energy efficient in 2009, saving money is the most motivating reason (78 percent), followed by an increasing concern for the environment (62 percent) and the desire to preserve the world for future generations (46 percent).
The research also illustrated that the most popular forms of energy saving measures within the home were also the cheapest and easiest, including switching to energy saving light bulbs (79 percent), shutting curtains and blinds at night (77 percent), and turning off electrical appliances when not in use (65 percent).
With the release of the research results, npower also announced that it has signed up popular TV characters Wallace and Gromit for a campaign to offer the British public hints and tips on energy efficiency over the next two years.

“We wanted to remind people that there are quick and easy ways that they can make immediate cost savings in their home,” commented Joan Coe, head of brand communications at npower. “We hope that by working with Wallace and Gromit we can show consumers just how easy being energy efficient can be and how it can save money straight away.”

npower is one of the largest electricity suppliers in the U.K. with 6.6 million customers across the nation.