Energy Efficiency and Smart Meters Report


A research report entitled Energy Efficiency – Public attitude, private action, has been released by LogicaCMG, a provider of business services to the energy sector. The results are based on interviews with 2,010 adults aged 16+, who were asked their views of energy awareness, and show that 82% of British adults would like a smart meter in their home.

Understanding energy costs is the biggest barrier to saving energy; 90% of respondents have little idea of how much energy a household could save through energy efficient practices. Respondents cited global warming and the doubling of energy prices as key motivators to encourage them to change their behaviour, but when asked to choose which was ultimately the most important factor, 51% chose financial concerns and only 17% cited environmental issues.

One-third of respondents had already heard of smart meters, and only 3% felt they would have problems understanding how to use them. Cost was named by 33% as a deterrent to use, sending a clear signal that a change in infrastructure and/or policy is necessary to bring about mass adoption of smart meters.

The report can be downloaded from LogicaCMG’s web site.