Scottish gov allocates efficiency funding to housing corps


The Scottish Borders Council will use the funding to ensure housing associations in Tweedbank install energy efficiency equipment before allocating houses to their beneficiaries.

The funding will be directed to help Housing co-operatives including Waverly Housing, Eildon Housing Association and Scottish Borders Housing Association.

The three housing cooperatives will install energy efficiency equipment including LED lights, HVAC systems and floor and wall insulators.

The project aims to ensure members of the housing cooperatives will implement sustainable energy practices to stabilise the region’s grid network.

Councillor Frances Renton, the council’s executive member for social work and housing, said: “This funding will enable a range of energy efficiency improvements to be made to a number of homes, which will be of huge benefit to the tenants, providing them with warmer and more comfortable homes in addition to reduced fuel bills.”

Margaret Ross, CEO of Waverley Housing, added: “When building new homes it is relatively easy to make them energy efficient, however it can be more expensive and complicated to improve existing, older properties, so this funding will make a real difference.”

UK energy and efficiency markets

With smart meters expected to help UK utilities and consumers to meet carbon emission and energy usage reduction targets, in early November E.ON partnered to meet UK smart meter rollout targets.

The UK utility firm partnered with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to expand its workforce and meet the UK government’s smart meter rollout targets.

E.ON UK said it will be assisted by the DWP to recruit 500 new smart meter technicians who will assist the company in meeting the UK smart meter rollout target.

The UK government has set a target for energy companies to equip all of their customers with smart meters by 2020.[Italian firm enters UK market with new digital portfolio]

The smart meter technicians will be recruited using DWP’s Smart Sector Based Work Academy.

The Smart Sector Based Work Academy identifies unemployed individuals, equips them with technical skills and connects them with firms requiring their specific skills.

The Academy will equip shortlisted candidates with knowledge on how E.ON operates, smart meter installation skills, health and safety training, customer service and interview preparation skills before they are fully employed as smart meter installers at E.ON in January 2017.


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