Energy Networks Association launches smarter networks portal


David Smith,
Chief Executive,
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — June 27, 2013 – The U.K. Energy Networks Association representing the U.K.’s and Ireland’s transmission and distribution network operators has launched the Smarter Networks portal for information on the smart grid.

The aim of the portal, which was tasked to the ENA by the regulator Ofgem, is to bring together the experience in the U.K. with developments around the world through a repository of innovation, ideas and projects. It will also play a key part of the work for the DECC/Ofgem Smart Grid Forum.

The main content of the portal to date pertains to the projects of the Low Carbon Networks Fund, now in its fourth of a five year funding, with overviews and updates and documentation on all the projects funded to date. Additional material to come includes the over 500 innovation projects covering the Innovation Funding Incentive and the Registered Power Zone work. The latest Ofgem price control explicitly incentivizes innovation and this will be reflected in the portal when it also holds the Network Innovation Allowance and Network Innovation Competition projects from gas and transmission as well as electricity distribution.

“ENA is incredibly proud to be launching this ‘go-to’ place for smart grid development as a smarter network will be an essential part of meeting the challenges of our energy future,” said chief executive David Smith. “As technology and innovation change the way we work, the Smarter Networks portal is about capturing how we are adapting and sharing the learning for the benefit consumers.”

The Smarter Networks portal is at