France and Germany partner on energy storage pilot


In a combined statement, the two parties wrote that their collaboration “serves to assess the performance of flywheel energy storage solution facing the requirements of a modern grid environment.”

French-headquartered EDF and Stornetic will focus on developing an energy storage solution to help utility firms increase their renewable energy capacity on grid networks.

In addition to just helping in increasing clean energy capacity on grid networks, the solution to be developed will ensure utility firms are able to meet energy demands during peak periods through frequency regulation.

The two parties said they aim to develop an energy storage solution capable of meeting multiple standards and requirements, which are being raised by the emergence of distributed energy resources.

Stornetic will install its energy storage device, Durastor, at EDF’s smart grid solutions trial facility, Concept Grid, in Moret-sur-Loing near Paris by June 2017.

Concept Grid comprises 10 kilometres of low and medium electricity voltage networks, substations, test areas and five houses connected with local generation.

The test bed was designed to validate new grid innovation and aims to reduce the time to market of new smart grid technologies and equipment by helping developers to understand and meet challenges of real field environment.

Durastor allows grid operators to convert electrical energy generated during off-peak periods and convert it into kinetic energy and rotational energy to generate more energy capacity for storage.

Durastor is designed for more than 1,000,000 charging cycles and retains its full capacity over its complete lifetime.

Etienne Brière, programme director of research and development of renewables and storage solutions at EDF, said: “… energy storage solutions will play a key role in the upcoming transformations of the electrical systems.”

In France alone, EDF has a customer base of more than 27.8 million consumers. In total, the company provides energy and services to 37.6 million customers in and outside France. [EDF to build 100MW offshore wind power].


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