Enermet and Sonlinc make ERP and AMR as one

Map of Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark — (METERING.COM) — August 17, 2006 – Enermet, a global supplier of energy metering and load management solutions, has today announced that it has successfully integrated its advanced automatic reading system AIM with Sonlinc’s enterprise resource planning system SonWin. Sonlinc is a supplier of utility ERP systems in Denmark, and the two-way integration will be used for customer information handling at Danish energy company Syd Energi.

The integration will open up new avenues in two-way communication for Syd Energi as it implements one of the largest AMR projects in the Nordic region, covering all 156,000 customers in the area of former Sydvest Energi. Integration of AMR and ERP systems brings advantages such as the automatic flow of meter installation information or instantly available real time metering data for different customer service events.

Enermet’s integration platform AIMIA connected the AMR system to the utility’s existing IT systems such as customer information and billing systems.

Jari Kokkonen, Senior Manager of Integration Solution Sales, said: “AIMA fully supports two-way data flow and functionality in operations. The automatic handling of installation information guarantees that the basic data is correct in all systems. Thus the other systems have the possibility to activate different operations in AIM and even command meters in the field.”

“With integration, our customers get the most out of their systems. Seamless integration simplifies the daily utility work. It also enables easy add-on of any new functionalities,” added Sonlinc Vice President Per Tversted.