Enervalis partners with ABB to boost Europe’s smart grid development

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Energy software developer Enervalis partner with UK based ABB Benelux for the development of smart grid solutions in Europe.

In Europe, Belgian energy software developer Enervalis has engaged in a partnership with smart energy solutions provider ABB Benelux for the development of smart grid solutions in the region.

According to PV magazine, the partnership will combine the smart energy software developed by Enervalis with ABB Benelux’s hardware to create complete on-site smart grid solutions for new “zero energy” residential districts in Benelux.

The first joint solution is expected to be rolled out in early 2016.

Commenting on the development Stefan Lodeweyckx, Founder & CEO of Enervalis, said the smart grid solution will be used to effectively predict when energy is needed, when energy should be stored and where it should be allocated first in the zero energy districts grid, designed to incorporate local renewable energy generation sources.

Mr Lodeweyckx added: “Getting this right will avoid costly network upgrades and it is why having a joined-up solution combining hardware and software from the outset is so important.”

The development comes as zero districts utilities operating the regional electricity grids request that houses in these zones use as much of the energy generated on-site as possible to avoid sending too much energy on the wider electricity grid and having the grids undergo costly upgrades to cope with the extra power coming on to their systems.

ABB Benelux’s Marketing & Business Development Manager Smart Grids CEU, Peter Van Den Heede added “We are continuously developing new products and solutions to make homes smarter and ready to participate in the new Energy market – thanks to the additional Enervalis software solutions we can speed up the process.”

KIC InnoEnergy Business Creation Officer for Benelux Stefan Smets said: “This is a prime example of our Highway programme in action. Our aim is to help ventures like Enervalis to grow and to find opportunities. Finding a home for a product or service, be it through customers or collaboration, rewards the hard work and creativity of companies like Enervalis – it is why we set up the highway programme in the first place and it is great to see results like this.”

Smart grid solutions in Europe

In other European smart grid news, US-based smart communications provider Trilliant engaged in a MoU with Europe headquartered, global M2M company, Ingenu to acquire its smart grid application.

Under the terms of the deal, Trilliant will integrate Ingenu’s Random Phase Multiple Access (RMPA) network technology into its smart communications platform.

Network management

The addition of the RMPA technology built for M2M connectivity will complement Trilliant’s multi-tier RF mesh and cellular solutions powering the company’s network management and UnitySuite Smart Metering Head End System, said Andrew White CEO of Trilliant.

Mr White said the collaboration will provide utilities with the simplicity of one platform supporting multiple technologies built with open standards, and having broad industry support.

The deal will also allow Ingenu to enhance its network ecosystem partnerships while expanding is Machine Network, reported Metering & Smart Energy International.