Enexis launches smart meter pilot using G3-PLC technology


Rosmalen, The Netherlands — (METERING.COM) — September 28, 2012 – Enexis, an independent Dutch DSO, has started a smart meter pilot in the Netherlands using G3-PLC (powerline communication) technology.

In the pilot a total of 1,000 interoperable Elster and Sagemcom G3-PLC smart electricity meters will be installed in households in the coming months.

Enexis has labeled customer privacy and security as a clear prerequisite for future rollout of smart meters and will therefore incorporate the latest Dutch security specifications in the pilot, which include end-to-end authentication and message encryption.

The pilot will also introduce the G3 Gateway by EnergyICT. This G3 gateway will not store and forward information like a conventional data concentrator. Instead it enables a direct and completely standard (DLMS) method of communication between information system and meters. This design significantly simplifies the overall system and allows for interoperability and end to end security.

With an innovative and robust design G3-PLC delivers a high performance metering infrastructure while significantly decreasing overall costs. Additionally, the PLC hardware costs are expected to be lower.