Engerati’s round-up: Energy management for jaded consumers

energy management
Energy management services face a major challenge as a result of a lack of consumer interest. Johan Ander of Stockholm’s Royal Seaport Smart City project believes that a holistic view is necessary to realise the full potential of these services such as using smart grid technology to manage appliances

With electricity demand growing globally, consumer energy management services remain a major challenge for the industry, and particularly in Europe, where take-up is slow, says Jonathan Spencer Jones, content analyst at Engerati, the sister portal to Metering & Smart Energy International.

As the main reason is believed to be a lack of consumer interest, the challenge becomes one of translating consumption data into something that is relevant.

For that, a more holistic view is necessary encompassing consumption across heating, electricity and water, suggests Johan Ander, who is managing Stockholm’s Royal Seaport Smart City project. [The True Potential of Energy Management Services in Europe is Yet to be Uncovered] Among the activities in the project is the use of the smart grid to manage appliances.

Smart energy launch

UK energy company Flow Energy is one of the new breed of suppliers coming into the market, after designing a novel boiler and seeing a gap to offer it on a no outlay-rebate basis.

Now Flow is looking to grow its presence with smart home propositions and in partnership with Fifthplay is currently trialling four packages, smart thermostat, smart plugs and smart electricity and smart gas monitoring ahead of an end of year launch. [Flow Energy And Fifthplay Launch Smart Home Solutions In UK]

And in an exclusive interview Maria Dolores Garcia, deputy-director of International Regulatory Affairs at Endesa, highlights the need for energy traders to work more closely with their trading regulatory teams to anticipate regulatory changes and thus react more successfully.

Several new regulations are set to impact the European market and as they are written could bring new challenges to traders and see some traders reduce their activity or even leave the market. [New Energy Trading Requirements Could Trigger Exit of Trading Companies]

This week the Engerati team is present at European Utility Week 2015 in Vienna with a full programme of networking, studio interviews and – a first – presenting the Energy Talks offering live insight and debate on the latest industry trends. We look forward to seeing you there.