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Manchester Smart City
Manchester smart city initiative is one of several in the UK

Cities are getting busier, streets are increasingly gridlocked with vehicles, and services and infrastructure such as energy, water and public transport under increasing strain, says Jonathan Spencer Jones, consulting editor at Engerati, the sister news portal to Metering.com.

Enter the concept ‘smart city’. The term may be a buzz phrase currently but smart cities are the way forward in addressing issues such as these and climate change, Steve Turner, head of Smart Cities at Manchester City Council said in a recent interview. [Smartening Manchester’s Corridor]

Manchester’s smart city effort – focused strategically on The Corridor with its mix of academic and business presences – is one of several smart city developments in the UK and one of hundreds across the globe now under way that are seeking to harness the value to be gained from the interconnectedness that these are founded on.

With energy at the core of human activity and endeavour, it should be no surprise that energy should also be at the centre of any smart city development. But just as no two utilities are alike and there is no universal smart grid blueprint, so too with smart city projects. In fact the same stricture applies as it should with any project – understand your city and what you are trying to achieve and why. [Integrated Approach Develops Smarter Cities]

In the coming months we will be hearing a lot more about smart cities, which are potentially one of the most exciting and far reaching developments of the 21st century.

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Famous Sites Become Ambassadors For Clean Energy

The iconic Eiffel Tower has had two wind turbines installed on its structure which have been carefully chosen and installed so that the impressiveness of the structure is not affected.The Tower joins the growing list of famous sites that have become ambassadors for clean energy.

Smart Meter Success Is Highly Dependent on Effective Customer Engagement, says BGE

Utilities must highlight the personal value that customers can achieve from smart meters. The article is written around the recent webinar, Don’t Leave Your Customers Behind – Learn how to Unlock Smart Meter Value for Consumers, which reveals how Baltimore Gas Electric (BGE)  overcame its challenges during the recent large-scale smart meter deployment.

Distributed Energy Resource Markets Coming To New York

Under New York’s ‘Reforming the Energy Vision’ utilities will become distributed system platform providers.The first phase of New York’s ‘Reforming the Energy Vision’ (REV) plan has been given the go ahead, with the release by the state Public Service Commission (PSC) of an order for ‘track one’ adopting a framework to develop markets for distributed energy resources (DERs).

UK Smart Meter Rollout Delays Are Costly-DECC Report

Smart meters were meant to save the UK about £17.1 billion for a rollout cost of £10.9 billion and put an end to estimated bills, but according to the Committee the smart meter programme is in danger of becoming a costly mistake due to a number of technical, logistical and public communication issues which have resulted in delays.

China Lacks a National Standard for Smart Home Appliances

China lacks a national standard for smart home appliances resulting in various firms creating their own technologies and duplicating investments and manufacturing and, in turn, confusing consumers, according to analysts.

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