Engerati Week in Smart Energy

Smart-energy-business-innovationSmart energy portal Engerati.com will be providing several observations from European Utility Week and one that is perhaps obvious but which nevertheless deserves comment is the importance of innovation in driving the smart energy business.

For the first time innovation was given its own focus in the Innovation Hub, with a special focus in areas including renewables integration, energy storage and the smart home. [Renewables Integration – Three Product Innovations, Energy Storage – Three Product Innovations,Leak Busting Leads Smart Home Innovation]

Several points are notable about the products judged as the most innovative.

One is the international nature of the companies, with companies from across the globe represented. Another is that the companies include not only start-ups but also well established companies. A third is that the most innovative smart home product isn’t from the energy sector but concerns water. And last but not least that the product judged the most innovative is in the area that is making the smart grid possible, namely ICT. [Energy ICT And Data Leads Product Innovation]

And not only that – among the start-ups in an area which seems to be attracting particular interest the start-up judged the most innovative at the event, Venios, is also an IT solution provider with its cloud-based asset and grid management solution. [Data Analytics And Modelling Bring Insight Out Of Complexity For Utilities] With as part of the prize US$100,000 worth of Google Cloud Platform credits, Venios will be watched with interest for the innovations it brings to utilities.

Congratulations to all the companies involved in the Innovation Hub. Innovation – which is not be confused with R&D – is not just important for start-ups but also for ongoing business success. It is also what will make the step changes, bringing closer the smart energy vision towards which we are working.

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