ENGIE offer to improve energy management for UK customers


In a statement, ENGIE said it will provide its customers signed with the utility’s three-year fixed tariff with PassivLiving’s heat service.

Under the programme, the energy provider will provide its customers with smart thermostats developed by PassivLiving.

Consumers will also be equipped with a smart heating control technology which they can use to remotely control room and water heaters using mobile phones, on a PC or tablet.

The development falls under efforts by ENGIE to fulfil its promise to keep the energy bills of its customers low through improving their energy efficiency and providing them an affordable energy tariff.

ENGIE entered into the UK domestic energy market in the first quarter of 2017.

“Eliminating the need for complicated timers, the smart heating system works with networked sensors. It considers several factors, including weather conditions, the home’s thermal properties and boiler performance to make sure customers’ properties are heated to suit their needs, using as little energy as possible,” highlights the statement.

Colin Calder, CEO of PassivSystems, said: “With no upfront costs required for the supply and installation of the smart thermostats, the partnership between ourselves and ENGIE announced today will deliver significant energy cost savings for customers. More people will be given access to Passiv’s heating controls, while also benefitting from the protection of rising energy prices through choosing fixed tariff schemes such as those now offered by ENGIE.”

Paul Rawson, CEO of ENGIE’s UK home energy business, commented: “The cost of heating our homes makes up the greatest proportion of household energy bills so it made absolute sense to us to make smart heating more accessible.

“By allowing our customers to only heat their home when they need to, we hope ENGIE Control will help them feel more in control, reduce the amount of energy they use and save money in the process.”

ENGIE and energy storage adoption

Meanwhile, in Brazil, the energy provider partnered with Eos Aurora and Northern Power to implement a utility-scale battery energy storage pilot.

Under the energy storage pilot, Eos Aurora and Northern Power will construct a 1MW/4MWh energy storage system in ENGIE’s service territory in the Brazilian municipality of Tubarão.

ENGIE will use the integrated energy storage system, comprising Eos Aurora’s energy storage batteries and Northern Power’s energy storage control system, to store energy generated from the company’s 5MW wind and solar farm.

The pilot aims to demonstrate how utility firms can improve the stability of grid networks, reduce carbon footprint, meet peak demands and improve customer services using a combination of energy storage and renewable energy resources.

Philippe Bouchard, vice president of business development at Eos Aurora, said: “As prices continue to decline rapidly with scale, utilities will be empowered to deploy batteries ubiquitously at sub stations or co-located with generation. Read more…


Image Credit: Shutterstock.