Environmentally friendly composite water meter launched


Romsey, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — January 21, 2009 – The 620 Composite body manifold meter, Europe’s first fully recyclable composite water meter free of heavy metal, has been introduced by Sensus.

The 620C has been designed to comply with the most stringent regulations governing potable water compatibility. Through the use of a material free of any heavy metal, the energy saving manufacturing process and the recyclability of the body, the meter will contribute to the sustainability agenda within the water supply industry.   

The meter covers a wide flow rate and the accuracy of the 620C meter will meet MID standard of Q2.5 R400, which exceeds the old class D standard in the UK.

Says Jamie Longman, sales manager at Sensus: “There is considerable demand from utilities and end customers for meters that are better for the environment and of greater value to end users.  This composite meter contributes to the sustainability plans of utilities without compromising on quality, security or meter reading accuracy.”

The 620C’s composite material delivers exceptional strength. Its features include high resistance to impurities and an ability to withstand high water pressures. The meter can be installed in all positions and an HRI can be attached to the meter as well as a pulse unit and data.