E.ON introduces the SolarCloud, a first for solar storage


E.ON is disrupting the photovoltaic (PV) market by introducing an industry first to its customers, the option to store electricity without using a battery.

Owners of solar PVs can now feed energy directly into the E.ON SolarCloud without any limit. The SolarCloud is a virtual energy account that allows consumers to access stored energy to meet individual demands.

The new SolarCloud system will help customers to save on the purchase and installation costs of a physical storage device.

One exciting feature is that customers are able to save up an electricity credit balance, which will be beneficial in winter, when during favourable conditions, they can supply 100% of their power requirements through their own PV system.

E.ON will be using SolarCloud to explore the potential of the German market, with more than 1.6 million operators of solar systems today.

According to E.ON, there are another 10 million roofs in Germany that are suitable for installing PV systems.

Customers still have the option to operate their system with a battery and a storage tank can also be retrofitted at any time.

“With the E.ON SolarCloud, we enable our customers to create their own personal energy world, freely and completely independent. This is unique. The cloud solution also opens up new possibilities for owners of heat pumps or electric cars. This underscores the importance of electricity in areas such as mobility and heating,” says E.ON Board member Karsten Wildberger.

Since last year, E.ON has been offering a cloud solution in conjunction with the E.ON Aura battery storage system. However, this solution only allowed solar power to be loaded into the cloud when the aura storage tank is completely filled.


Image credit: Stock