ESB Telecoms and Silver Spring to deploy IoT network in Ireland


According to the Irish Times, an spokeswoman confirmed that ESB Telecoms has entered into an agreement with Silver Springs Network to develop an IoT network across the country, using Silver Spring’s Starfish platform as a service standards-based mesh technology.

The IoT networking solutions provider  is currently working with the city of Paris to cut its public street lighting bill by up to 30%.

The platform is also being deployed across the city of London, where it is being used to connect more than 12,000 smart street lights, across an area through which over 450,000 commuters pass through everyday.

“Mesh networks are a great choice for dense urban environments or sparse rural areas, which makes it an ideal choice for Ireland’s varying topography,” said Silver Spring president and chief executive Mike Bell.

“By deploying a standards-based network, we can help municipal, commercial and industrial customers connect services such as smart energy, smart water, smart street lights and traffic controls, to name a few,” he added.

The ESB spokeswoman told the Irish Times that while the agreement is still in its early stages, will enable the acceleration of IoT development nationally, “helping Ireland become a leader through
the deployment of one of the world’s first standards-based national IoT rollout.”

ESB Smart Energy Services

In April this year, ESB created a new Smart Energy Services division that will spend €10 million alongside clients in measures designed to cut consumption and boost efficiency.

The Smart Energy Services division reportedly assisted 50 Irish and British companies to cut €20 million from their bills over the past year and aims to help clients save a total of €50 million by 2018.

Head for ESB’s new division, John Walsh, confirmed that it has contracts with Dublin and Cork airports company DAA, the Druid’s Glen golf club in Wicklow, the CHQ shopping mall close to the capital’s financial services centre, and Tesco Ireland, the local arm of the British supermarket chain. Read more…


Image credit: 123rf