ESMIG supports release of EU Clean Energy Package


The ESMIG smart energy industry group views the EU’s “Clean energy for all Europeans” package as a “necessary step in the transformation to a flexible, dynamic, consumer-centric system.”

A ESMIG release states that the smart meter is directly linked to the visions of the Energy Union and indispensable in achieving the European Union’s goals of a secure, competitive and sustainable energy supply system. [New report finds consumer flexibility remains low in Europe]

It adds that the successful deployment of AMI will enable “consumer empowerment, measuring and thus managing consumption patterns, market-based price signals, an optimization of networks and will set the base for further services addressed to consumers.”

Furthermore, the package of legislation puts all main electricity smart metering related provisions in the Electricity Directive, avoiding fragmentation and duplication of legislation on this topic.

Energy efficiency principal driver

The ESMIG association recognises energy efficiency as the underlying principle of these proposals. It says “We appreciate the Commission’s ambition, for example encouraging market-based prices, that reflect actual demand and supply. This is indeed essential in a well-functioning market and can send the right signals to allow market players to optimise their roles with the final goal of saving electricity.”

 Customer centricity

 The association suggests that that for a fundamental change to happen in Europe’s energy system, the policies need to be set with the consumer in mind. The system needs to be designed for them to receive accurate and timely information, to enable them to acknowledge and change their consumption patterns, to encourage them to engage in energy generation, demand response, and to protect their rights and privacy. [EUW recognises outstanding sustainable energy projects]

Commenting to the industry’s approach to smart technologies and services, Willem Strabbing, ESMIG’s managing director, points out: “European Commission’s focus on consumer involvement and engagement is applaudable, but we need to be clear on the conditions for making this a reality. Not only Smart Meters should have the necessary functionalities, but also additional technologies (such as displays or apps) and services need to be made available to consumers before they can be involved and engaged. We call on European and national stakeholders to join forces with us in realising this.”