ESMIG – making Smart Metering a reality across Europe


Brussels, Belgium — (METERING.COM) — September 16, 2008 – The leading companies in the European Smart Metering market have recently founded ESMIG, the European Smart Metering Industry Group. The membership has now risen to 15 companies covering all the major meter manufacturers in electricity, gas, water and heat markets, and the communications companies supplying data transmission solutions. All ESMIG members  are working together to deliver the Europe-wide roll out of Smart Metering technologies.

The benefits of smart metering are well understood amongst the smart metering industry, but in the wider political world the following benefits for consumers and energy industries are not yet fully recognised:

  • informing consumers about their actual energy consumption and costs and related carbon emissions
  • developing customers capacity to make smart choices about energy use
  • providing utilities with first-class data on energy and water consumption enabling them to realise relevant cost savings while encouraging a more rational use of energy and water.

ESMIG is committed to realise these benefits by promoting Smart Metering within the European Commission, and national Governments and making the technology a reality across Europe.  The objectives of the organisation cover the lobbying of EU institutions, and the development of smart metering solutions for European competitive multi fuel and water utilities. The members are key players in the standards community across the world.

These objectives recognise that the relevant industries have a key role to play in:

  • the roll out and appropriate use of Smart Metering technology
  • a consistent technological roll out in each of the 27 Member States of the EU
  • the delivery of maximum benefit for energy and water customers, utilities and the environment.

Located in Brussels, the Industry Group will give advice and provide its expertise to key stakeholders such as the European Union institutions, EU Member States governments and authorities, regulators, consumers and utilities on all aspects related to Smart Metering.

All members are exhibiting at Metering Europe in Amsterdam, so take to opportunity to visit them to learn more about the initiative.