Etneo to distribute GEO HEMS in Italy


Patrick Caiger-Smith,
Cambridge, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — May 24, 2012 – Green Energy Options has appointed Etneo Italia to distribute its home energy management systems, including a range of in-home displays, within Italy.

Based on the Empower Demand project results, the companies estimate that Italian households could reduce electricity consumption by 10 percent a year by using an in-home display to manage energy consumption more effectively.

Italians pay more for their electricity than many other European nations, so the impact would be significant.

Etneo will be offering four of GEO’s home energy management systems, including the in-home energy displays, online energy information services available on PC, tablet or smartphone, and accessories including ‘smart plugs’ and temperature sensors:

  • Ensemble, which comes with in-home display, an internet bridge to connect to online services, and either 1 or 3 smart plugs to monitor and control domestic appliances
  • Solo PV in-home display, which provides real time information in color on the electricity generated by a domestic solar PV system
  • Solo in-home display, which provides real time information on energy consumption for those households that don’t need the functionality of the Ensemble
  • Chorus, which is an advanced home energy management system that combines information on energy consumption and generation, appliance control through smart plugs, heating control and temperature sensors, with availability later in 2012.

“Italy pushed ahead with its smart meter program before the benefits of real time feedback via displays were really available, so GEO has adapted its designs to work with existing electricity meters,” said Patrick Caiger-Smith, CEO of GEO. “This means that Italian consumers can really benefit from access to real time energy information.”