EU Energy Commisioner outlines agenda for Europe


Günther Oettinger,
EU Commissioner
February 14, 2011 – Günther Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Energy Security for Europe in a speech at Kings College London outlined the potential for a new energy policy.  In summary he stated that now is time to pave the way for another European integration project of vast potential: a true European energy policy.

An energy policy which ensures secure social and economic development both in the EU and globally. One which assures a low-carbon energy future in a stable, predictable and smooth manner.

Leadership will be of the essence. Europe’s Heads of State and Government have recognised the opportunity and sent a clear signal last week.

We can now look forward to:

  • Accelerate our efforts on energy efficiency, the particular responsibility of the public sector and an invitation for a far-reaching energy efficiency plan.
  • Deliver more and targeted investments in the area of energy research and the full implementation of the Strategic Energy Technology plan.
  • Remove all technical barriers for the completion of the internal market by 2014 and the interconnection of all Member States by 2015.
  • Build swiftly the required networks and storage facilities.
  • Develop the external dimension of the internal market, notably through effective coordination and the promotion of strategic corridors.

With this, we can lay the foundations for a European energy system equipped to face global competition. At the same time Europe would provide a valuable contribution to sustainable growth and prosperity around the world. What best example of constructive global leadership?

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