Eurelectric launches European smart grid platform


Hans ten Berge,
Secretary General,
Brussels, Belgium — (METERINGC.COM) — July 3, 2013 – The European electricity union Eurelectric has launched an online platform on smart grid activity in Europe.

The platform is a joint initiative with the EC’s Joint Research Center and is based on the JRC’s inventory of smart grids projects. It comprises two main parts – an interactive, fully searchable map of smart grid projects, and the detailed project pages.

“We launch a smart tool for smart projects: an online platform that connects European smart grids projects and project promoters in much the same way that smart grids will connect Europe’s electricity consumers,” commented Eurelectric secretary general Hans ten Berge. “With this platform, the European electricity industry is contributing to greater knowledge sharing and communication – an indispensable part in making sure that smart grids become a reality.

With the map it is possible to gain a quick overview of smart grid development in Europe or take a closer look at individual countries. Projects can also be searched for projects in regions of interest, and the individual project pages provide more information on each, including reports, videos and results.

The platform will be continuously updated.

The platform is at