Europe’s top smart grid research priorities set out


Brussels, Belgium — (METERING.COM) — July 16, 2013 – Following a workshop and consultation the Smart Grids European Technology Platform has published the top priority topics from its Strategic Research Agenda 2035 that require early adoption by European and national funding programs.

The Strategic Research Agenda 2035 sets out the smart grid research and innovation activities that are considered necessary for the development of Europe’s electricity system to 2035 and beyond.

The top priority activities have been identified in a Summary document as follows (in the six research areas):

Smart distribution systems (D)

  1. Modelling power systems and ICT together
    Observability at distribution level
  2. Power electronics technologies

Smart transmission systems (T)

  1. Power technology to increase network flexibility
    Monitoring and control technologies to observe and control the 2035 pan”European network
  2. Pan”European market tools for 2035 ancillary services and balancing needs
    Market mechanisms for ensuring system adequacy and efficiency in electric systems by 2035

Research common for areas D and T (T&D)

  1. Integration of demand side management 2035 at DSO level into TSO operations
  2. Ancillary services provided through DSOs

Integrated truly sustainable, secure and economic electricity systems (IS)

  1. Observability and control (including ICT for control)
  2. Widespread storage within the grid

Smart retail and consumer systems (RC)

  1. Distributed self”organization vs. central control
  2. Energy cloud

Socio-economical and ecosystem smart grids barriers and opportunities (SE)

  1. Consumer maturity
  2. Legislation/regulation: New energy market designs