European blackout caused by human error


EU Blackout 2Dusseldorf, Germany — (METERING.COM) — November 17, 2006 – The blackout that began in Germany earlier this month and spread to several other European countries, leaving millions without power, was caused by human error and not technical malfunctioning, according to findings by E.ON, the German utility.

E.ON conducted a detailed analysis of available data and reconstructed the chain of events that led to the disruption. The findings reveal that an E.ON control center had assessed the developments correctly and in accordance with standard procedures, but had not made use of all the technical options for a comprehensive situation analysis because of time pressures.

There was no evidence of any technical malfunction of the transmission lines, control or monitoring systems, and therefore insufficient investment in maintenance or technical infrastructure could not be cited as the cause of the blackout.

E.ON continues to work with the Federal Network Agency and other parties involved to complete a thorough investigation and to identify possible improvement measures.