European member state experiences on cost-benefit analysis of smart meters


Brussels, Belgium — (METERING.COM) — February 10, 2011 – Of the European member states, eleven had conducted a cost-benefit analysis for electricity smart metering and six had for gas smart metering as of January 1, 2011, according to a survey by the European Regulators’ Group for Energy and Gas (ERGEG).

Of these the results were positive for seven countries for electricity smart metering and five countries for gas smart metering.

Further, a cost-benefit analysis is ongoing or is planned in a further 12 countries for electricity and 14 countries for gas. However, a cost-benefit analysis was not planned in two countries for electricity or five countries for gas, and in three countries an electricity cost-benefit analysis had not been done but was no longer relevant as the rollout decision had been made.

Under the 3rd Energy Package European member states are required to undertake a cost-benefit analysis on smart electricity and gas metering with a September 3, 2012 deadline for electricity (and unspecified for gas).

For more details of the cost-benefit analyses of European member states, view the Summary of Member State Experiences on CBA of Smart Meters.