European MID accredits meters

Brussels, Belgium — (METERING.COM) — July 31, 2007 – The European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) which was adopted by EU member states late in 2006, has accredited the water and heat meters manufactured by Sensus Metering Systems. This makes Sensus one of the first manufacturers to achieve accreditation under the MID. The company has received certification covering its processes in Germany and is now on track to achieve MID approval for all its European facilities.

“This achievement is good news for our customers and for Sensus across Europe,” says Jürgen Westphal, Technical Director of Sensus Metering Systems ESAAP.

“Gaining MID certification demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of our development and production processes whilst emphasizing our adherence to the highest quality standards. This accreditation means that our products will carry Europe-wide approval and we will no longer be required to go through complex approval procedures for different markets. This will also ensure that all our customers across Europe will benefit quickly from our latest technological innovations.”

MID certification means that Sensus heat meters will carry EU-wide approval, rather than having to undergo an approval process in each country.

For water meters, while metrological classes A-C are already covered by an EU directive, MID approval means that higher quality meters, such as class D meters produced by Sensus for the UK market, will also be covered.

MID accreditation requires a full quality assessment procedure, which encompasses and certifies all processes from the development of meters through to production processes and up to final inspection. MID also certifies the quality management system for the production process and final inspection.

The European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) was published in the Official Journal of the European Communities L135 as directive 2004/22/EC and became effective on April 30, 2004. The directive was implemented by the Member States of the European Union on October 30, 2006 with a transition period of 10 years for measuring devices which were previously accredited.