European radio association for data exchange


A new association has been created in Europe to promote the use of low power radio as a vector for data communication exchange. The acronym for this group will be RADIAN (for RADI Application Network).

Some of the association’s main goals will be the standardisation of the low power radio protocols used in the utility market; the promotion of radio as an adequate means of communication for data exchange; and the support and dissemination in the industry of the progress made in the development of the MultiFrame Date (MFD) protocols.

Each member of the association will benefit by:

  • Receiving a complete description of the MFC protocols as they stand today.
  • Participating in the modifications and improvements of these protocols.
  • Receiving a description of the accepted modifications.
  • Voting to decide how the association will be run and what its directions are.
  • Exchanging information with the different members of the association.
  • Eventually getting the endorsement of the association for products released which conform to association-approved specifications.

Who can join?

To be able to join you should:

  • Conduct your business in the areas of energy production, transport and/or distribution; or
  • Conduct your business in the area of meter manufacturing or distribution; or
  • Conduct your business in the area of software development for the utility industry; or
  • Be a service company involved in the utility industry.

The founding members of RADIAN include major utilities, meter manufacturers and service companies from various European countries. The first general assembly for initial members will take place in June 1998.

For further information contact Beatrice Thomas at Itron SA (+ 33 (0)4 74 31 51 63) for France and continental Europe or Jane Henwood at Itron Ltd (+44 (0) 11 89 20 96 11) for the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia