European smart metering alliance established

The European Smart Metering Alliance (ESMA), comprising companies and organisations interested in smart metering, has been launched to advance and support the development of smart metering in Europe.

The ESMA’s aim is to bring together all stakeholders to achieve consensus on smart metering, to promote innovation in smart metering, and to maximise the energy savings to be derived from smart metering.

Project deliverables include a website, best practice guidelines on the implementation of smart metering, monitoring and review of the energy savings that can be delivered by smart metering, annual reports on the progress and benefits arising from the introduction of smart metering and the provision of case studies and articles for the media.

The ESMA is being coordinated by BEAMA (the British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association) with partial financial support of €620,000 (subject to final negotiation) from the European Union’s Intelligent Energy Executive Agency (IEEA).