European standards organizations complete first set of standards for smart grids


Brussels, Belgium — (METERING.COM) — February 4, 2013 – Europe’s standardization organizations CEN, CENELEC and ETSI have recently completed a first set of standards enabling or supporting the deployment of smart grid systems in Europe.

In all, the first set of standards includes about 24 types of smart grid systems, with more than 400 standard references coming from more than 50 different bodies. In addition, it also indicates the standardization work which may have started, stating the user impact (use case) this may have in a near future, in order to fill the identified gaps.

The systems covered are:

  • Generation – Generation management system
  • Transmission management system – Substation automation system, wide area measurement system (WAMS), EMS SCADA system, flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS)
  • Distribution management systems – Substation automation system, feeder automation system/smart reclosers, distributed power quality control system, DMS SCADA and GIS system, FACTS
  • DER management systems – DER operation system, DER EMS and VPP system
  • Smart metering systems – AMI system, metering-related back office systems
  • Demand and production (generation) flexibility systems – Aggregated prosumers management system
  • Marketplace system – Market places, trading systems
  • E-mobility (connection to grid) – E-mobility systems
  • Administration systems – Asset and maintenance management system, communication network management system, clock reference system, authentication, authorization, accounting systems, device remote management system, weather forecast and observation system.

Cross-cutting technologies and methods are:

  • System approach
  • Telecommunication
  • Security
  • EMC and power quality
  • Functional safety.

Alongside this list, which will be periodically updated,the three organizations have also published:

The work is being carried out under Mandate M/490 from the European Commission, and alongside those for standards for smart metering (M/441) and the charging of electric vehicles (M/468).

For this purpose the Smart Grid Coordination Group was formed, which is chaired by Ralph Sporer.

The SG-CG is also collaborating with several international and regional standards organizations, with the aim of working towards common international standards for smart grids.