European transmission R&D priorities for 2015-2017


The European transmission operator organization ENTSO-E has presented its draft R&D implementation plan for 2015-2017, making it available for consultation with a view to finalization early in 2014.

The plan, which is issued annually, updates the first plan for 2014-2016, which was issued last year, along with an R&D roadmap for 2013-2022 for the sector towards achieving Europe’s climate objectives.

The document states that the R&D topics in 2014 are focused on increased system flexibility and increased operation efficiency. To continue with these R&D activities, the following topics will be added in subsequent years: In 2015, improved exploitation of existing grid resources through smarter asset management, network control and protection as well as through system controllability; and in 2016/2017, improved coordination between boundary grids (distribution networks and neighboring TSOs) targeting system reliability and market issues.

The proposed topics and their budgets are:

  • Inertia, control and protection of large power systems with a large amount of inverter-based components (€6-9 million)
  • Methods and tools to optimize asset management (€10-20 million)
  • Demonstration of power load control mechanisms at TSO and DSO levels (€60 million)


  • Realization of ultra-high voltage lines with partial underground cabling (€50 million)
  • Ancillary services provided through DSOs and aggregator agents (€50 million)


  • Data and information management for system operation and asset management (€20-40 million)
  • Advance tools for new market models (€ tbd)
  • Improved defense and restoration plan (€20-30 million)
  • Market modelling and system adequacy assessment for long-term planning (€20-30 million)

The consultation is open for a period of 3 weeks until December 17, 2013.

The document notes that as of May 2013, 11% of the R&D Roadmap was completed, approximately 19% of the work is ongoing and 6% is under proposal. However, “huge effort is still needed to cover 64% ‘not yet addressed’.”

The draft ENTSO-E Implementation Plan 2015-2017 is available HERE.