Europe’s TSO Equigy flexibility platform expands


The Equigy blockchain-based crowd balancing platform has expanded its scope with fifth partner transmission system operator (TSO) Austrian Power Grid.

The other partners are the TSOs TenneT from Germany and the Netherlands, Swissgrid from Switzerland and Terna from Italy.

Equigy, a flexibility or ‘crowd balancing’ platform as it is styled, was develop to tap the growing penetration of small-scale distributed energy resources for balancing the grid.

The non-profit Equigy consortium anticipates that the solution could set a standard for TSOs to secure flexibility in Europe.

Austrian Power Grid will focus particularly on making markets for balancing energy and redispatch more efficient. Energy supply in Austria is increasingly fed by weather-dependent wind and solar energy in electricity generation. At the same time, demand is rising with the adoption of electric vehicles, heat pumps and storage batteries.

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“It is increasingly challenging for TSOs like Austrian Power Grid to maintain a stable balance in the delicate interaction between energy supply and demand,” says CFO Thomas Karall.

“In this joint venture we can develop innovative, digital solutions and create standards in close cooperation with our TSO partners to manage the energy transition even better at a national and international level.”

Using the Equigy platform, the TSOs are working with OEM partners such as EV makers and solar panel producers, energy companies and other aggregators on a host of new projects.

In Germany TenneT is partnering with the TSO 50Hertz to test the Equigy platform for congestion management.

TenneT also is partnering with heating and refrigeration supplier Viessmann to investigate use of the potential flexibility of heat pumps.

In Switzerland Swissgrid is piloting the use of storage technologies for the provision of primary control energy.

The Equigy blockchain platform was developed to provide a trusted data exchange between parties when aggregators add new sources of electricity from consumer-based devices, such as EVs and batteries. Equigy enables the validation of the delivery of these millions of future decentral devices to the TSOs.