E.ON partners to boost EV charging in Europe


The two parties signed an agreement to develop hundreds of ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure points along main European motorway corridors.

The 150KW EV charging stations will be situated every 120 to 180km along motorways to enable the full charging of 400km range EV batteries within 20 to 30 minutes.

E.ON and CLEVER are planning to include 350KW EV ultra-fast charging systems and other EV related services under their partnership.

The programme aims to promote the use of EVs for long distances.

[quote] According to a press statement issued by E.ON and CLEVER: “The ambition is to create a unique and coherent pan-European ultra-charging network that is capable of accommodating the charging needs of both existing EVs and the next generations of long-distance EVs.”

The project is expected to drive innovation within the energy and transportation sectors and improve the interoperability of grid networks and EV charging systems.

The first ultra-fast charger under the collaboration of E.ON and CLEVER is set to be installed this year.

Frank Meyer, senior vice president of Innovation at E.ON, said: “A network of this magnitude not only requires solid funding and expertise, it would also be a game-changer for the growth of EV demand and a key blueprint for accelerating green and sustainable e-mobility. This approach fits well with our strategy to make e-mobility as convenient as possible for our customers.”

EV charging infrastructure funding

In Denmark alone, E.ON is currently operating 1,200 public charging points and 39 ultra-fast EV chargers.

In November 2016, the UK government signed an agreement with automaker Jaguar Land Rover to reinforce the nation’s grid and develop infrastructure that will support adoption of EVs.

Following the agreement, the UK Ministry of Finance will provide $484 million in funding to ensure the nation’s grid infrastructure is able to support the growing number of EVs and autonomous vehicles.

The capital will be used to fund clean energy projects to ensure the UK contributes at least 12 to 15GW of electricity to boost grid reliability.

The money will fund development of EV charging stations as well as manufacturing of EVs and autonomous vehicles.

In addition, the UK government agreed to draft and implement policies to support an increased manufacturing of EVs, EV charging infrastructure development and the adoption of UK manufactured EVs, locally and abroad. Read more…


Image credit: www.chargedEVs.com