EVN chooses ADDAX IMS for multi-resource metering in Bulgaria and loss reduction in Macedonia


Sofia, Bulgaria — (METERING.COM) — November 30, 2011 – EVN has awarded ADD Bulgaria, local partner of ADD GRUP, a contract for the supply of 45,000 single-phase and 1,200 three-phase ADDAX meters during 2012-2013.

The devices belong to 7th series ADDAX IMS and are based on open standard DLMS/COSEM and S-FSK modulation for PLC communication.

Besides AMI for electricity, the project involves AMR for multi-utility metering available within the framework of a single system ADDAX IMS.

The three-phase meters will be installed at 1 200 heating stations in Bulgaria. Each ADDAX meter, equipped with additional communication module, will be connected to a heat meter and two water meters via M-Bus and so, the ADDAX meters will serve not only for electricity reading, but also as gateways for displaying the consumption of water and heat.

Another tender recently won by ADD Bulgaria is for the supply of 21,000 ADDAX meters to EVN Macedonia within the next two years. The decision on this bid was also based on economic efficiency and deployment will be in trouble areas of Macedonia where there is a high rate of electricity pilferage and other types of power losses.

EVN Macedonia is going to minimize the non-technical losses using ADDAX anti-fraud protection and balance metering along with cutting down the operational costs for meter reading and data processing.

“Considering the economic efficiency of these projects, a sharp increase of orders is expected for the years 2012-2014,” said Krasimir Kuzmov, executive director of ADD Bulgaria.