EVN Macedonia installs 35,000 ADDAX smart meters


EVN Macedonia is the sole electricity distribution operator in FRYOM (Macedonia). The distributor has already installed 35 000 smart meters and reaching 347 transformer substations. [COMPANY NOTIFICATION: ADD GRUP at EUW]

The utility started it smart metering programme with a proof of concept in 2011 in order to understand the cost/benefit of the rollout.

The main drivers for EVN’s smart meter initiative include the need to decrease electricity theft, which stood at 18.4% in 2011.

EVN sought to provide more accurate billing to customers, and the distributor needed to decrease operational costs related to network maintenance, outages, manual meter readings and associated human errors.

Some of EVN wins since the beginning of the rollout include a decrease in electricity losses – down to 14.9% in 2015, improvement of network and power quality, through constant monitoring of electricity quality parameters and outage management. The power company has also improved debt collection through control over electricity supply and now has the ability to remotely connection/disconnection customers.

ADD in Bulgaria

In related news, ADD Bulgaria recently signed a deal with EVN Bulgaria for the delivery of 550,000 smart electricity meters based on PRIME technology.

ADD Bulgaria is ADD GRUP’s exclusive distributor in Bulgaria that had a key role in ADDAX IMS implementations in the country. [ADD GRUP completes AMI pilot in Lithuania]

The distributor will supply the smart electricity meters over a period of four years.

Once the deployment is complete, 80% of all meters in EVN’s network will be AMR-enabled.

EVN has been using ADD’s ADDAX AMI technology since 2009 with more than 500,000 meters communicating over powerline communication.

Over communications technology changed over the past several years from Frequency-shift keying (FSK) communication, to S-FSK and will now employ PRIME technology.

The current technology will be based on PRIME v. 1.3.6 with possibility for further upgrade to PRIME v. 1.4.