EVO in Europe


Two recent events show EVO’s interest in advancing the uptake of our Protocols in Europe:

  • Intelligent Energy. A consortium of European consultants and NGOs recently put forward a proposal to the Intelligent Energy Programme of the European Commission to adapt the IPMVP, the soon to be released IEEFP (International Energy Efficiency Financing Protocol) and EVO training materials. With EVO support and experts, the proposed project will provide extensive M&V and energy efficiency financing training in Eastern Europe. It will feature adapting basic EVO documents to reflect European realities, such as the EU Directive 2006/32/EC on energy end-use efficiency and energy services, and special local financial funding programmes for energy efficiency. It is proposed to publish “IPMVP-Europe” and “IEEFP- Europe” in nine languages through both the EVO and project websites. This proposed Intelligent Energy project will include training of local trainers so that training can continue in Europe beyond the two-year life of the project. If accepted, this proposal will also harmonise European methods of savings valuation with those promoted by EVO in the rest of the world.
  • Bulgarian EVO office. EVO signed a contract with EnEffect Consult in Sofia, Bulgaria to provide more administrative support for our expanding operations. EnEffect is an NGO with a solid reputation for encouraging energy efficiency in Bulgaria. EVO supporters and volunteers can contact Desi Borisova of EnEffect if they need support or information about EVO. Our volunteers around the world remain the source of our insights and analysis on efficiency valuation issues, but with Desi’s support we hope to be able to respond better to the many requests for information and direction. We welcome Desi. She can be reached at admin@evo-world.org


EVO and the Association Québécoise pour la Maîtrise de l’Energie (AQME) are partnering to present a series of one-day training seminars in Canada. The first was held October 30 in Montreal, and the second will be on November 22 in Quebec City. The seminars are conducted in French and attendees receive a printed copy of the 2007 IPMVP Volume I in French. Costs are CAN$360 for non-AQME members and $CAN315 for AQME members.

The one-day seminar introduces the basics concepts of M&V and the IPMVP 2007 in its morning session. This programme focuses initially on developing the M&V skills of attendees. It serves to alert energy efficiency professionals about the range of possible methods, the reality of an international standard which gives comfort to all concerned about fraud, and the need for specific M&V design for each generic case. The afternoon session covers the application of ideas introduced in the morning session using practical project examples of the four IPMVP options, followed by a question and answer period and a discussion on related resources.

Topics include:

Morning session:

  • EVO presentation
  • Basic understanding of M&V
  • IPMVP 2007
  • Options
  • Opportunities for practice in the local community
  • Afternoon session:
  • Application/project examples of morning session concepts using the 2007 IPMVP Four Options
  • Q&A
  • Resource discussion: Next steps for building a local capability.

For more information on future training sessions, contact train@evo-world.org.


2007 IPMVP Volume 1 is now available to the general public in both English and French. Released only to EVO subscribers on 21 May 2007, the English edition was made available at no cost to the general public for download on the EVO site on 1 November 2007. The French edition was published in mid- October 2007. It is also available free of charge on the EVO site. And … be on the lookout for key areas of the site to be available in French in the near future


For several years, EVO has heard the message that the IPMVP is too complex. Even while recently updating Volume I, we found more complexities, not fewer. Without resources enough to produce both a full and an abridged version, the 2007 edition of Volume I came out in full detail. However a recent EVOsupported proposal was made to Canadian Electrical Association Technologies Inc to produce an abridged version of IPMVP Volume 1.


If accepted, the proposed work will help to ensure that Canadian electrical utilities focus their customers on IPMVP methods, and avoid creation of a new “standard”. More importantly, this proposed Canadian partnership should produce useful materials for the M&V community around the world. Environmental Interface Limited has offered to prepare for CEATI publication an abridged version of IPMVP which EVO could also publish and/or use to publish its own “IPMVP Light”.


The following table shows the number of downloads of the IPMVP (various volumes and languages) between launching the EVO Subscriber Services/ new EVO site on 25 September 2006 and 5 October 2007. (Note that 2007 IPMVP Volume I in English has only been available to EVO subscribers since 21 May 2007.)


EVO wishes to thank its Individual and Organisational subscribers – it is only through their support and the efforts of our tireless volunteers that we are able to fulfill our mission. Thank you!

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