FINESCE project looking for new partners


(METERING.COM) — September 17, 2013 – The EU supported FINESCE (Future INtErnet Smart Utility ServiCEs) project is looking for new partners to carry out certain tasks within the project.

These are:

  • Area 1 –To support the proposer’s own creative ideas for dissemination and promotion of energy related services and applications, related to FI-WARE functionality and the FINESCE trial topics.
  • Area 2 – To support the consortium by expanding the scope of the trials, developing a visualization of energy consumption, creating an automatic meter reading (AMR) system, or developing a management system for the energy distribution networks.

For Area 1, funding of a minimum of €50,000 will be provided to each of a maximum of five organizations. For Area 2 funding of €1,038,600 is available.

FINESCE is the smart energy use case project under the Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) program funded by the European Union within FP7. The project is aimed to contribute to the development of an open IT infrastructure for the development and offer of new app-based solutions in all fields of the future internet.

Field trials are being run in 7 European countries:

  • Smart customers and smart buildings are being investigated in Malmö (Sweden), Horsens (Denmark) and Madrid (Spain)
  • In Dublin (Ireland) research is covering electric vehicle issues including load balance service to the electricity grid
  • In Köln and Aachen (Germany) investigations are under way on cross-border virtual power plants in combination with a smart factory that is flexible in its energy consumption
  • In Terni (Italy) an electronic market place is being implemented where actors of a future smart energy system can trade their consumption and generation capacity on a local market.

FINESCE started this year and runs through 2015.

The closing date for this call is November 13.