Finland ahead in smart grid usage

Finnish Flag

April 23, 2010 – Finland’s expertise on the smart grid and clean energy technology is born out of unique environmental and social conditions; the country’s harsh winters make it one of the highest energy users (per capita) in the world, and the area’s very low population density exacerbates problems with efficient energy transfer. Finland committed itself decades ago to becoming a leader in clean energy production and intelligent energy demand management — exactly the requirements of today’s ‘smart grid’ initiatives. Finland’s leading telecommunications companies like Nokia and Elisa also apply their network management know-how, honed from decades of experience with mobile telephone networks, to make energy grids user-friendly.

"The telephone utility has been transformed from crude copper wires and limited customer choices into a global network of wireless towers and a dizzying array of customer options," said Kimmo Pentikainen, director of environmental information at Elisa Corporation, the largest communications network operator in the Nordic region. "That same radical transformation is now facing the energy utility networks — so Finland’s telecom companies are offering their experiences and technologies to lead the effort."