Finland’s Aidon secures deal for AMI deployment in Norway

Aidon has secured a contract for the deployment of its devices enabled by PINO wireless technology to some 1.4 million consumers in Norway

In Europe, Finnish smart grid company Aidon has secured a contract for the installation of an AMI system to serve 1.4 million metering points in Norway.

The Aidon devices are enabled by PINO Wireless Technology developed by Finnish telecommunications firm Wirepas.

The rollout will begin before the end of this year through to 2018, according to M2M World News.

Aidon claims its solution will not only deliver 60-minute interval energy consumption data but also a multitude of sensor information from the electricity grid.

The largest single network will include 700,000 PINO-enabled devices developed to meet the communications needs of future networks and applications, Metering & Smart Energy International has learnt.

The technology comprises the latest wireless technology innovations and will make a significant contribution to the development of the Internet of Things, reported the trade publication.

The development comes as PINO has been nominated for Product Innovation Awards at the currently being held European Utility Week in two categories; Grid & Renewable Integration and IoT Product Innovation.

Aidon in Norway’s smart metering projects

In other Norwegian smart meter deal news, Norwegian utilities’ alliance Nettalliansen has in late September announced that it has contracted suppliers to create a central reading system for collecting meter data.

In July this year Nettalliansen entered into a deal with IT solutions developer Embriq for the delivery of a new automated electricity metering system based on Aidon technology.

According to a statement, the deal includes Embriq integrating its central operating application with Aidon-based technology, which includes smart meters and RF-based communication solutions.

The integration will provide an advanced smart grid solution to some 165,000 consumer points covered by Nettalliansen’s electricity networks, Metering & Smart Energy International has learnt.

The solution will see all 26 energy distribution companies located throughout ten counties in Norway utilising a single central reading system for collection of meter data.

Nettalliansen has a total of 200.000 consumers across Norway.