First IP-based wireless sensor network-enabled handheld tablet announced


Ylivieska, Finland –– (METERING.COM) — November 19, 2008 – The first IP-based wireless sensor network (WSN) handheld device which interoperates seamlessly with IP-based 2.4 GHz WSNs taking full advantage of the 6LoWPAN standard and IEEE 802.15.4 RF technology has been announced by Ltd.

The KitWrx 456 handheld tablet enhances smart object connectivity by enabling communication with 6LoWPAN based wireless networks and smart devices, along with RFID tags for enterprise applications in addition to previously used WLAN and barcode reading technologies.

The tablet was developed jointly with IPSO Alliance members Sensinode Ltd and the CENTRIA research center.

The KitWrx 456 is enabled by Sensinode’s NanoStack™ 2.0, which enables communication with 6LoWPAN-enabled ad hoc devices and infrastructure networks over an easy to use API. Windows CE applications on the KitWrx 456 can access the 6LoWPAN network directly. NanoStack 2.0 is available for licensing on OEM devices, giving easy compatibility with the KitWrx 456 and Sensinode NanoRouter™ 2.0 infrastructure solutions.

The KitWrx 456 is ideal for data collection and transmission between wireless devices and system management. Visualization and real-time data collection/transmission combined with low power consumption are the key factors of the tablet’s technological innovation, with applications in the energy industry as well as healthcare, process management, industrial monitoring and maintenance, and the defense and building industries.

“We are very excited to see how Sensinode’s 6LoWPAN technology allows innovative companies to seek new low-power wireless applications. Kitworks’ wireless handheld is a great example to show the power of Sensinode’s NanoStack in a world first commercial handheld device”, says Endale Mitiku, vice president of sales and marketing of Sensinode. “This joint technology realization greatly strengthens the value of the IPSO Alliance and encourages other companies to make the ‘Internet of Things’ a reality.”

The KitWrx 456 handheld will be available with Sensinode 6LoWPAN evaluation kit in Q1/2009.

The IPSO Alliance is a global non-profit organization serving the various communities seeking to establish IP as the basis for connecting smart objects.