First KNX-RF Multi module for building automation launched by Radiocrafts


Oslo, Norway — (METERING.COM) –- September 7, 2011 – A new module complying with the KNX-RF Multi specification for home and building control has been introduced by Radiocrafts AS.

The RC1180-KNX2 is the world’s first RF module including a complete KNX-RF Multi protocol stack.

The KNX-RF Multi is an extension of the European norm for building automation adding redundancy and increased reliability. The main features include frequency agility by using up to five frequencies, fast link acknowledgement of up to 64 receivers with automatic retransmission, and multi-hop repeaters extending the range by two hops. Battery operated transmitters and receivers are also supported by the new standard. The embedded protocol is backward compatible with KNX-RF 1.1 and KNX Ready, and can be used for unidirectional and bidirectional devices.

The new module is designed for sensors, actuators and other home and building automation equipment. Due to its small size (12.7 x 25.4 x 3.3 mm), easy to use interface, complete embedded protocol and low power consumption, it can easily be integrated into any product making a very cost efficient solution.

The new KNX product series enables an easy transition to KNX with compatible products. Interoperation between Wireless M-Bus and KNX-RF is also possible using the new module.

The RC1180-KNX2 module is certified for operation under the European radio regulations for license-free use. When used with quarter-wave antennas a line-of-sight range of 800 m can be achieved.

“KNX-RF Multi is a green technology, enabling smart building automation systems that help to reduce energy consumption,” said Peder Martin Evjen, managing director of Radiocrafts. “Together with Wireless M-Bus, the standard for remote energy meter reading, these are technologies promising a better future.”

Radiocrafts is a member of the KNX Association and participated in the development of the new standard.