First ULE products for smart home connectivity


The ULE Alliance, a non-profit organization promoting the adoption of the ULE control network eco-system for homes and buildings, has announced the first ULE-based interoperating products.

These are from Dialog Semiconductor, DSP Group, Lantiq and Vtech.

The ULE Alliance set its mission to assist OEMs to develop smart home solutions that are easy to install and use. The Alliance follows the tradition of a high degree of interoperability, inherited from the reliable and worldwide-adopted DECT technology.

In the short period since its foundation at the beginning of 2013, the ULE Alliance has made progress in various areas of activity:

  • The ULE Transport Layer Protocol definition has been released as an ETSI standard
  • The ULE Application Layer Protocol (HAN FUN – Home Area Network FUNctional protocol) definition has been completed
  • The ULE Certification Program has been kicked off.