first:utility claims cheapest dual fuel provider in the U.K.


Warwick, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — January 16, 2009 – Independent U.K. energy company, first:utility, has announced that it is adding gas to its UK-wide energy offering, and in so doing becomes the country’s cheapest dual fuel provider.

In addition, consumers will be able to save up to a further 15 percent on their annual bill when combined with the benefits of the smart meter, which first:utility offers to all of its customers as standard – another U.K. first.

first:utility launched its domestic electricity service in September 2008. So far more than 6,000 households have signed up to the service, many attracted by the “smart meter as standard” proposition, according to the company in a statement. Moreover, first:utility last month was the first – and as yet only – U.K. energy company to bring down its electricity prices following falling wholesale prices in order to pass on price cuts to the consumer.

“With the launch of the gas supply, first:utility now offers consumers a real alternative to the Big Six,” said first:utility chief executive, Mark Daeche. “Our offer of the cheapest standard dual fuel rate combined with the smart meter is going to answer a lot of U.K. consumers’ needs for a price efficient dual fuel tariff that provides simple-to-use and effective energy management.”

first:utility’s smart meters take readings every 30 minutes which are sent back to the company’s billing centre on a daily basis using the mobile (GPRS) network.

Along with the smart meter offering, first:utility also introduced to the market a three rate tariff as opposed to the standard two rates, to provide greater flexibility and choice for people looking to take advantage of off-peak usage.