First Utility launches my:energy with Opower


Ian McCaig,
CEO, First Utility
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — June 26, 2012 – U.K. independent domestic energy company First Utility has launched my:energy with Opower, a new service designed to put consumers in control of their energy bills and their energy efficiency.

First Utility’s 100,000 customers are now starting to receive information detailing how their usage compares to their neighbors, together with personalized tips on how to reduce energy consumption.

my:energy will also be available to view securely online. Over the coming months, further functionality will be added, including an unusual usage alert, allowing customers to receive emails and SMS messages to warn them when their energy usage is higher than normal. Future developments will also include elements such as text message reminders to alert people to turn down their thermostats when warmer weather is forecast.

“First Utility’s mission has always been to change the relationship consumers have with their energy consumption by bringing innovative and game changing services and propositions to market,” said Ian McCaig, CEO of First Utility.  “Encouraging and helping our customers to reduce energy consumption with insights and advice tailored to their own households and daily habits may initially appear to go against our commercial sensibilities as an energy company, but we believe that empowering customers in this way will lead to longer lasting relationships with them.”

In this the first partnership with Opower in the U.K., my:energy has the potential to save U.K. households an estimated £1.7 billion and 3 million tonnes of carbon over a three year period.