First Utility selects LogNet customer management and billing solution


Mark Daeche, CEO,
First Utility
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — June 16, 2011 – United Kingdom independent energy and telecoms company First Utility has selected LogNet Systems’ multiple play customer management and billing solution for combined energy and telecommunications services.

The solution will provide a single platform for First Utility to manage the customer management and billing activities for its entire service portfolio, relieving the company of significant operational bottlenecks by fully automating the business processes for this multiple service environment. The solution will also allow First Utility to use the real time consumption-based data created by its smart meters to dynamically adjust pricing with the possibility of creating promotional plans, cross-product packages and loyalty schemes.

“When we first made the decision to unify our billing processes we were not certain that we would find a vendor that could deliver a multiple play solution to support both energy and telecommunications services,” explained Mark Daeche, CEO of First Utility. “LogNet allows us to turn our smart meter readings to competitive advantages and generate full value from our customers, while the possibilities for adding services supported by complex bundling scenarios are endless.”

LogNet Systems will implement its multiple play solution for First Utility based on its MaxBill product suite and will include the functionality for CRM, order management, meter management, rating, product catalog and invoicing. The MaxBill system will replace a number of disparate legacy systems previously used by First Utility.

First Utility was the first energy company in the U.K. to offer smart meters as standard to its customers. In addition to supplying electricity and gas services to residential and business customers, the company also provides telephony and broadband services.